Efficient Habitat


The trick with 7 star homes is getting there without breaking the budget.

Over the last three years, we have been working hard to figure out just how to deliver 7 star energy efficiency without a prohibitive price tag.

Research, thousands of software iterations, countless tweaks, and numerous brainstorming sessions over table tennis have finally boiled down to a simple, streamlined process.

A process that can rate your home 7 stars.

Maybe even 8 stars if you really want to push the envelope. And in the context of energy-efficient homes, that means taking your building envelope to the next level with a well-thought-out, strategic approach to insulation, ventilation, and glazing.

Right now we have the best answers to two important questions:

  • How to take passive houses in Australia from 6 star homes to 7 star homes
  • How much you can save with a finely tuned process in place


We are a highly trained team whose skills and exploration of green building techniques have put us in the best position to get your passive house the 7 star rating it deserves, without putting a massive dint in your budget.

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